About Us

St Andrews Seafoods is a family run Lobster fishing business located in St Andrews in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland. There's currently 3 generations working hard to bring you top quality lobster.

We specialize in fresh caught live lobster which we sell locally to restaurants and hotels as well as to the general public. We also offer an overnight delivery service to most of the UK via APC carriers.

We fish out of St Andrews Harbor in a 21 foot Colvic called the Codfather (DE132) using highly selective steel traps with escape holes to reduce by-catch and to rapidly release undersized Lobsters unharmed.

We have a live holding tank on board with constant seawater flow through to keep our lobster as fresh and healthy as possible. We use the same type of system on shore for pre-sale holding. What this means for our customers is that we have a 365 day a year supply of healthy Lobsters which have been out of the water only for minutes after we catch them. On other boats they sit on deck in boxes until the end of the fishing trip many hours later; this isn't a great way to maintain catch quality especially in hot weather.
the Codfather DE132 St Andrews Seafoods
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