Live Scottish Lobster

Live Scottish Lobster from St Andrews in Fife

St Andrews Seafoods lobster on plate
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St Andrews Bay Lobsters

Scottish shellfish is renowned worldwide for its quality, all of our lobsters are caught within 5 miles of St Andrews on the East Coast of Scotland. We catch our own seafood so we know exactly where it comes from, how it is caught and how it is shipped. We control the whole process from the creel to your door, so you could be eating a Lobster tomorrow that we caught today!

Quality and Attention to Detail

Our process is unique. On most creel boats once caught Lobsters are held in baskets or boxes under wet carpet until the boat returns to harbour often many hours later.  Whilst this doesn't normally kill the Lobsters it does cause them significant stress particularly on hot days when losses are not uncommon.

We never do that! Instead our boat is fitted with live holding tanks which have fresh seawater pumped through them continuously. So our Lobsters come out of the sea and in under a minute they are measured, banded and so far as they know back in the sea again. This is much less stressful for them.

Once back to port our Lobsters come out of the boat tanks and into our shore based holding tanks a few yards away.  Again these use water straight from the sea, constantly oxygenated, filtered and carefully temperature controlled.

So we now have Lobsters which have been out of the water for less than 5 minutes since they were caught instead of 8 hours or more. This makes a huge welfare difference for the Lobsters; which local chefs tell me they can actually taste.

For local trade customers we deliver direct to your kitchen using our own temperature controlled transport ensuring your diners the freshest possible product. Please contact us for trade prices 01334 897 337.

As one local chef puts it "I always know they're your lobsters when I have to fight them in the kitchen"

For folks further away we send Lobster out by APC Overnight carriers.

Please order no later than Sunday for delivery on Tuesday, Monday for delivery on Wednesday and Tuesday for delivery on Thursday. We need to catch them, possibly cook them, and then pack them!

We can't deliver to the Scottish Highlands, Ireland (NI or the Republic) or the Islands around our coast as we can't guarantee overnight delivery. If in doubt just give us a call we are happy to help 01334-897 337

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Fresh lobster in tank at St Andrews Seafoods
Live Lobster being held in man's hand
Live Scottish Lobster - St Andrews Seafoods
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