Lobster fishing boats in St Andrews harbour fife
  • How do we buy from you?
If you are local give us a call (01334 897337) and we can deliver. If you are further away you can buy online for APC delivery.

  • Where do your Lobsters come from?
Our Lobsters all come from the cool clear waters of St Andrews Bay in Fife Scotland. We know this because we catch them! 
  • Do you only supply the "trade"?
Absolutely NOT! The General Public are very welcome to buy our delicious Lobsters. We charge the trade and public exactly the same base price per kg with bulk discounts.
  • I don't live anywhere near St Andrews, can you supply me?
Most likely yes. We can send Live or Cooked Lobsters to pretty much the whole of the mainland UK.  We can send anywhere that APC can promise an overnight delivery. They can't manage Ireland (North or the Republic), offshore Islands or the Highlands of Scotland. But basically if you live somewhere like that you are already going to know if it is possible or not; please feel free to phone and check.
  • Are your prices the same all year round?
The short answer is no. In summer they are cheaper than in winter because it is easier to catch them. In peak season (July to October) a day's work on the boat catches the same number of Lobsters it would take a week to catch in winter. 

  • Can you supply us all year around?
Yes we have live Lobsters for sale all year round.
  • Are we safe to buy from you?
We think so! We carry 5 million pounds worth of Product & Public liability insurance as full members of the National Federation of Fishmongers. So if anything goes wrong we've got you covered. We are fully licensed to catch, transport and sell seafood. We are undergoing audit for the Responsible Fishing Scheme, an internationally recognized ISO17065 quality standard proving ethical and sustainable practices. The 1st vessel in the Central Scotland region to do so. We are VAT registered, accept card transactions and always give a receipt. We provide a proper paper trail-no need for dodgy cash deals.
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