Lobster fishing boats in St Andrews harbour fife

Fresh Scottish Lobster direct from our Boat to your Plate

St Andrews Seafoods is a family business that specializes in catching and selling Live Scottish Lobster from the rocky coast around St Andrews in Fife.  We have our own boat and we catch and sell our own shellfish.
With no middle men or long supply chain our prices and freshness may surprise you! Free delivery to local restaurants, hotels and houses across Fife and most of Dundee. General Public and Trade supplied. Nationwide APC overnight delivery is also available to non-remote areas. Call us: 01334-897337

St Andrews Seafoods
A Different Local Lobster Supplier

  • Sustainably caught local St Andrews Bay produce with documented provenance.
  • Our boats catch it, we pack it and we sell it. 100% traceable from creel to kitchen with the minimum of food miles. 
  • Local St Andrews Lobster available all year round; not just in the high season. We deliver every time all the time.
  • We hold a Type II Animal Transporter Authorisation to deliver Lobsters to you legally and in a temperature controlled environment.
  • We are registered Buyers of First Sale Fish so we can sell direct to you legally. All sales are properly logged so you can prove where your Lobsters came from.
  • We carry 5 million pounds worth of Product & Public liability insurance as full members of the National Federation of Fishmongers. If anything goes wrong we've got you covered.
  • We've passed audit for the Responsible Fishing Scheme, an internationally recognized ISO17065 quality standard proving ethical and sustainable practices. The 1st vessel in the Central Scotland region to do so.
  • We are VAT registered, we accept card transactions and  we always give a receipt. We provide a proper paper trail-no need for dodgy cash deals.
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